A Girl That Loves to Research and Make You Smile 

I believe in many things: the Universe, people, scientific research, facts and cute dogs. And frogs, too. Everyday, our lives are filled with responsibilities, problems and annoying time-wasters. Closing our eyes won’t make all those things disappear. 

I’m here to tell you that escapism can be fun and smart at the same time. If you want to desert for a second and learn something new, or just relax and smile, then you’ve come to the right place. So, Cheers!


The Lost Companion

To find some one lost in time......a companion!


Never Quit, Never Fail

Lexi Norrish

Your soul knows the anwser

The Write Direction

~Que Sera Sera~

A.M.A. News

News from around

Over The Andes

Let's explore together

Oh God, My Wife Is German.

The Misadventures of an American Expat and His Wife in Germany