In the Beginning…

Hi everyone. My name is Bojana. I love writing, exploring and finding information that are based on scientific research and facts. People are my biggest inspiration, and I hope that my writing will inspire and help as many as possible.

I was waiting to be on top of my game, so that I would start this blog, but I guess I was caught up with the (over)thinking process. Plus, I was caught up with uni and exams (cough…excuses…cough). I finally realized that there’s always an occasion for creative work if you want to find the time. And you should drink coffee over keyboard slowly and carefully. Especially in the morning. I am drinking black tea more and more often in the mornings, but the same rule applies.

So how did all of it start in my head? Well, in the beginning there was a formless, colorless, weirdness (but not silence, my head was a constant party and nobody would shut up until I went to sleep) and then…

“Why do you have to make a PhD out of everything?! It’s a simple task.” I grew up hearing those words quite often. In primary school, I was the weird quiet girl “existing somewhere in my world”; in high school I was the cheerful goth kid and in college I was “scientifying” everything (or using science to describe or explain even the simplest things. For example, someone would yell: “Eww, chocolate melted in my hand!” and I would tell them: “Did you know that the average melting point of chocolate is 33.89°C (Or 93F)?” You get the point. By the way, I was talking about milk chocolate.) I suppose at some point somebody wanted to smack me, but oddly enough people tolerated me.

So stick around through my exploration, and I bet we’ll discover lots of cool stuff together. Here you will find fun facts, scientific news and topics viewed from different perspective.

Before I conclude this post I wanna thank my family (especially my brother) and my friends for encouraging me to follow my heart and just do what I love to do. (And stop procrastinating).




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